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  Whether your company is looking to reduce costs, reduce risks, or empower employees, information technology can provide the tools to support your corporate strategies. Windows Server System delivers a comprehensive and interoperable infrastructure that helps reduce complexity and costs as it empowers IT professionals to simplify development, management and operations, while delivering high-value, information-rich business applications.
Familiarity with an operating system platform generally translates to developing best practices for operation, maintenance and deployment. In-depth experience and clearly orchestrated operational management have been two of the hallmarks of system operation for decades, and the same benefits are now moving to Windows as the current generation of Windows products continues to mature.

The trend is clear: with each successive OS platform, Microsoft has added functionality and increased overall reliability, performance, and ease of operation. All of these factors tend to drive down operating costs and create a more efficient and productive environment.

Adding WASLET expertise to these benefits helps businesses to move a step forward in efficiency, functionality and ease of management. We can help you with the following operating system-related projects:

sizing and design
Active Directory implementation
group policy definitions
high availability and clustering


  Having to explain to management why the messaging and collaboration system is not available and cannot be recovered immediately is something that no-one would ever like to do. Nor should they. Making changes to a corporate e-mail system is probably one of the most disruptive and risky ventures an organisation is likely to undertake. The impact of putting the company's basic communications infrastructure at risk can be overwhelming.
E-mail system migration, e-mail management and availability are major challenges. Deciding on a migration strategy is a crucial area and WASLET expertise can help you to take the right decisions and plan the right steps at the right time.
Our expertise and experience will guide you step by step and help you to gain a clear view of:

the reasons for migrating
the cost of migrating and the way to proceed
planning and scheduling the migration
the risks to your organisation
the benefits after the migration has been completed

With in-depth expertise in messaging and collaboration, WASLET is able to help small and large organisations alike with easy deployments and smooth migrations, including support and training.