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Waslet IT is on the cover of the PME-KMO Magazine.  This business magazine is for 100% dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises in Belgiumand reaches 50.000 readers. This article highlights the strength of Waslet IT. Read it now(french version).
Virtual technologies  were dealt with during the VMware seminar that Waslet organised at its offices on 28 October 2013.
On 19 June 2013,  Waslet organised a seminar at its offices on Microsoft's Office 365.
Technical Seminar Exchange 2013  On June 13, WASLET IT organises a technical seminar on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.
Satisfaction survey  Results of a satisfaction's survey lead on our customers (SME & major accounts) about the quality of our services (January 2011). 41% of the interviewed customers call upon us for project deployment (Network & Infrastructure, Datacenter, Printing) and/or support, and send to us their estimates.
New business case : High street brand Cassis Paprika, strong of 105 shops in Belgium, offers prêt-à-porter garments targeting active women in their thirties.   The aim has always been very clear for the company: to give its clients the best service they can get in the market. To do this, it has relied heavily on its IT solutions... yet without the use of an IT department ! Doesn't this sound like an impossible paradox?
Instead of having to manage these services internally, Cassis Paprika has chosen to externalise them, thereby addressing concerns about security and availability. For instance with their HP LeftHand virtual storage solution deployed by Waslet IT.
New business case : The Messer Group is one of the leading industrial gas companies, operating over 60 companies throughout Europe, Asia and Peru and employing around 5.000 employees worldwide.   The company’s Belgian facility called on the services of leading systems integrator and services provider WASLET IT and Canon’s consultancy team, to introduce a new highly automated invoicing solution in their existing ERP. Canon’s IRISCapture™ invoicing solution significantly increased operational efficiencies within the accounting department, reducing manual errors and increased processing speed while meeting the objectives of saving both time and money.
New business case : When the caring personnel of the “Clinique et Maternité Sainte Elisabeth” can gain time doing their administrative tasks, all the benefits are for the patients. Waslet IT implements an IT tool that helps realize this ambition.  The paramedical personnel takes care of the input of the different activities or observations. Previously, this input was done on laptops in the rooms of the medical staff. It didn’t take long to realize that this wasn’t optimal and that the caring personnel had to travel too much between the patient’s room and their own staff room. Today, “thin client” terminals have been installed in the hallways. Thanks to this, the number of entry points has multiplied and the caring personnel can input the data as soon as they leave the patient’s room. The gain in time is considerable, time that can now be spent on the patient.
New business case : IT on wheels at FEBIAC ! The Belgian federation of car and cycling industry decides to review its IT infrastructure thoroughly.  10 out of 45 FEBIAC people work in the IT department. Jean-Luc Malfait, Data Services Manager at FEBIAC : “Our data treatment capacity is extremely important, it’s our core business. The services that we offer to our members are getting more and more diversified. They constantly evolve with the changes in technology and society, more specifically everything around environmental issues. We need reliable, flexible and energy efficient tools. The management of the disk space wasn’t optimal, there were issues with the backups, development didn’t go smoothly because all servers were aimed at production and the control of the 7 maintenance contracts was pretty heavy on the administration. A request for proposal was made and 6 possible suppliers were asked to respond to this request. Waslet IT Services & Solutions was the winning supplier.
WASLET achieves two major objectives : renew & maintain its HP GOLD Preferred Partner, and Microsoft GOLD Partner status in 2010.  GOLD Partners bring the highest level of trust, qualification and technology access to your IT environment. They have met the most rigorous criteria and training to provide your business with complete customized solutions. GOLD Partners ensure you have access to the most advanced technology, delivered with a clear, long-term Return on Investment.

HP Computing Systems Specialist
HP Authorized Service Partner
HP Service Sales Specialist
HP Office Printing Solutions Specialist
HP Mobility Specialist
HP ProCurve Networking

Microsoft Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
Microsoft Networking Infrastructure Solutions
New business case : A new infrastructure for better centralized and secured data at KESAR.  With over 50 persons in Belgium and 15 independent agents in different countries, Kesar (‘Mais il est où le Soleil ?’) is the second largest growing company in its category which is prêt-à-porter. The company moved to a new location in the capital. This was the ideal moment to align the IT to this new situation. The goal was to centralize the data which was scattered over different servers into one location, an HP MSA 2000 SAN. WASLET IT also took advantage of the new cabling to implement a new HP Procurve network switch. This combination of SAN/Switch brought a real boost in performance for all persons at Kesar needing access to this data. Waslet IT also proposed a modified storage solution. The data are saved on the SAN before being transferred to an HP StorageWorks LTO library.
New Business Case : WASLET IT steers the PSA HNN print infrastruct ure into calm waters.  PSA HNN is part of PSA International, one of the top-ranked companies in container handling. The company operates five container terminals at the port of Antwerp, handling around seven million units (TEU ) last year. In conjunction with HP and WASLET IT, PSA HNN completed an ambitious consolidation project in which the original 586 printers were replaced by 210 HP machines with only 8 different types. This has made central remote management possible and costs have become more transparent.

New Business Case : The Belgian architects association ASSAR calls upon to the system architect WASLET IT.  The IT partner installs a solution combining reliability, performance, energy savings, evolution and scalability, both for the servers and the storage. The backup policy is being redefined and the performance of the servers is increased. In the course of 5 years, an energy saving of 12.000 € is calculated.
Waslet becomes Doxense 'Gold Partner 2009'. 
Le Four Industriel Belge : New business case  FIB, elected “Company of the year 2008” by Ernst & Young, decides to invest in a homogeneous IT park as a stable basis for the development of a VPN and the implementation of an ERP package. For the audit and implementation, FIB calls on WASLET IT, preferred thanks to its reputation in this domain. The solution consists of 4 HP Proliant DL servers (SQL, Backup, File & Mail) and 1 HP MSA2000 SAN. The partner takes care of the migration of the existing data and applications, and also the installation of the Exchange 2007 mailsystem.
New business Case :   It’s because continuity is so important to Deloitte that they decided a few years ago together with HP and WASLET to realize an ambitious project around server consolidation and disaster recovery. Earlier this year, they started looking for a backup solution for e.g. their Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and their file and print servers. The first and easiest choice to be made was to opt for the combination HP-WASLET.
In datacenters, energy costs are rising rapidly and consuming an ever-greater portion of IT budgets.   It will soon cost more to power and cool a server over its lifetime than it does to buy the server.
Printing and imaging technology can help your business save money and go green.  Simple steps that add up to help improve everyone's environmental impact.
Waslet : 60 years of quality service.  The IT integrator is celebrating it's 60th anniversary. How is the IT market doing? What are the stakes and challenges confronted by the distribution channel ? Meet Philippe Waslet who, after having conformed the business to the demand of the computer revolution, will tackle the era of Document Management and Virtualisation.
1 Click 1 Tree 1 Job  Doxense is launching a campaign called “1 Click 1 Tree 1 Job”. The aim of the operation: to avoid useless printing and to make users accountable. A simple print click saved per day can finally amount to tons of paper and consumables, thousands of litres of water and kilowatts of electricity.
New Business Case :   Employees of COGEN save a lot of documents in their mailboxes. Completed projects are stored in triplicate for at least seven years. Thanks to a digital archiving system with DiskXtender, EmailXtender and an EMC Centera of four terabyte, the problems with exploding mailboxes and time-consuming archiving have gone once and for all.
New Business Case :   Employees of Securex are sending more and more e-mails with large attachments. They are also saving them for increasingly longer periods, often because they are obliged to for legal reasons. Assisted by WASLET, Securex installed EmailXtender, EMC's software for archiving e-mails.
WASLET is one of the few Belgian partners  to whom HP confides the distribution of its new multifunction products called ‘Edgeline’.
EMC ‘File System Assessment’  is instrumental for optimizing your organization’s storage environment. Experience shows that 70 percent of the data in primary storage environments is no longer being actively accessed or modified. Using the assessment data and guidance from WASLET, a customized action plan for your organization can be developed.
WASLET launches a new partnership with DOXENSE  and becomes ‘Watchdoc Certified Technical Specialist’. From the preliminary audit through the permanent flow analysis, Watchdoc allows you to control your printing systems architecture.
Now live : The EMC Showcase.  A web-based catalog with EMC's latest storage products : CLARiiON, Centerra and Celerra product families including features, spec sheets and details about the underlying technologies.
Have you ever accessed a virtual platform ?  This website is hosted on VMware ESX 3 Server, a virtualization layer that abstracts processor, memory, storage and networking resources into multiple virtual machines.
New Business Case  American Express, WASLET and Xerox : A global migration plan of the printer fleet.
WASLET is the first HP Partner in Belgium and Luxemburg  to obtain the "ASE – Specialty in HP ProLiant Servers c-Class Blades” certification.
Be Mobile !  With Direct Push Technology and your iPAQ, synchronize your e-mails, contacts and calendar while away from the office.

Map out your storage journey.  A range of EMC storage solutions to help you meet your business objectives now and in the future : simple to buy, install, manage and use.
Partnership level increased between WASLET and HP :   Since November 2005, WASLET has been Preferred Partner for “Computing Systems” and “Authorized Service Delivery Partner”. As from August 2006, the company adds the “Mobility, Smart Devices” competency, due to its commitment towards HP “Push Mail” solutions.
Holiday time ? Time for IT outsourcing ...  The WASLET Service Pack® Outsourcing is a good way to cope with staff on leave, lack of expertise, weekly or recurrent IT management, etc.

The WASLET - Microsoft Security Assessment  is designed to assist you with identifying and addressing security risks in your computing environment. The goal of the meeting is to share information about the security improvement opportunities in your company.
WASLET upgrades its certification to 'Microsoft Gold Certified Partner'.  Gold Certified Partners are the top level of Microsoft solutions partners and have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match exact business needs.
L’Oréal, WASLET and Xerox have engaged in a triumvirate.  Their goal is to diminish document costs at L’Oréal with 25% by the end of 2006. This involves the gradual replacement of L’Oréal’s existing assorted office equipment with colour multifunctionals connected to the L’Oréal network.