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  Whether planned or unplanned, downtime poses a constant, costly challenge to IT managers. Downtime costs organisations worldwide billions of dollars each year. So it is hardly surprising that many IT managers are in the vanguard of the effort to eliminate - or at least cushion - the impact of downtime.
Organisations are increasingly seeking ways to manage the impact of downtime as part of a drive to reduce costs and to provide reliable, more responsive IT infrastructures. For IT departments in particular, the way forward is clear: they have to support the company’s business goals by ensuring the safety and accessibility of its information assets. Anything that disrupts this safety and accessibility creates downtime, and downtime costs the company money. Then, when disruptions do occur, IT is required to get the business restarted, and restored to the “moment before” state, as rapidly as possible.

WASLET IT SECURITY expertise helps you to understand what the threats are, as well as to plan best practices regarding network and access security and to deploy a global protection plan and keep it managed. Our in-depth knowledge and experience cover the following solutions:

1. anti-virus
2. anti-spam
3. anti-spyware
4. intrusion and hacking prevention
5. intrusion and hacking detection
6. firewalls
7. access authentication (local and remote)
8. threats to identification and analysis
9. local, remote and web access monitoring
10. centralisation of security policies and management
11. report-generation, analysis and interpretation
12. establishing a security baseline
13. deployment of proactive safeguards
14. alleviate threats
15. security monitoring