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  Servers are everywhere and you may rightly think that you need one to manage your files and printers, host a mail server, better secure your company network and in general do more for you than a desktop can. However, knowing you need a server and actually getting the right one are two entirely different things.
WASLET expertise will assist you to:

evaluate the type of solution for which you need a
      server in practical terms, such as software, data and
plan, design and determine the size of your server(s)
maximise the use and performance of your server(s)
maintain availability and business continuity

Our expertise also includes a strong track record in server deployments, virtualisations, consolidations (e.g. Blades systems) and racking.

Modular, adaptive, reliable and resilient are the key elements of a server system solution designed, sized, deployed and maintained by WASLET.


  Virtualisation technology dramatically reduces the number of servers needed to support applications while maintaining application isolation and encapsulation. It enables multiple virtual machines, each dedicated to a business application, to operate side by side within a single physical server.

The explosive growth of client/server computing infrastructures using industry-standard servers has led to a corresponding growth in administration, hardware, space and cooling costs. Some server vendors have developed a unified partitioning strategy that provides multiple solutions to this problem, depending on the customer’s needs. An important part of this strategy is the use of virtualisation software on servers.

Hardware partitioning is a solution of many years’ standing for mainframe-class servers. It is, however, for Intel-based, industry-standard servers.

WASLET IT SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS has extensive virtualisation software expertise that can help you to apply these mainframe-class partitioning techniques to industry-standard servers. We can help businesses - small, medium and large - to migrate physical machines to virtual machines across a virtual infrastructure with zero downtime.

Using our expertise in virtualisation solutions, WASLET helps customers to:

reduce costs
improve resource efficiency
benefit from improved management and provisioning by consolidating multiple
      logical servers on to more powerful traditional servers or blades servers.


  IT administrators have to deal with the explosive growth of digital information, e-mail, multimedia applications, and other business technologies - all of which has created an extraordinary demand for more storage capacity.
Given the complexity of today's IT environments, simply adding storage in the conventional way is not always the answer. The fact is, in traditional server-centric storage systems, up to 50% of existing capacity can go unused.

In a world of shrinking IT budgets, this waste is no longer acceptable. IT managers need to look for intelligent storage technologies that will maximise available resources now and into the future (strategies that incorporate hardware, software, services and support into one).

There are a number of good reasons and benefits for migrating from direct-attached disk storage to a storage area network (SAN) or to network attached storage (NAS).

WASLET expertise helps you to develop a tailor-made and modular storage solution that fits your needs while at the same time preparing for the future. The solution will help your company take on the challenge of storing and managing an ever-increasing volume of data in more efficient and cost-effective ways, while maintaining high network and application performance and delivering high return on investment.

Backup & Restore

  "The real disaster is not only losing your data, it’s mainly not being able to recover."
Today, it is generally acknowledged that the availability, integrity and security of data are strategically important issues. The value of the data that many businesses hold frequently represents the actual worth of the company. Your data is transparent, strategic and represents a strong pillar of your business. So your backup and recovery solution had better be rock-solid.

Comprehensive data protection is an absolute requirement in every situation. There is no room for error because data is the most vital asset in every business. Modern business increasingly demands access to applications and data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no room for either scheduled or unscheduled downtime. This fact has consequences for traditional backup windows, essentially eliminating the standard methods that have previously been used to provide the basis of data protection systems. It is clear that there is now a requirement to put new solutions in place for building data protection and recovery systems that permit your business effectively to function non-stop.

WASLET expertise helps you to design and implement rock-solid data protection and recovery solutions for your particular environment. Across any industry standard platform, network or device, we enable you to consolidate and automate virtually every aspect of backup and recovery. The solutions we design and deploy allow every type of company - small, medium or large - to meet its recovery time and recovery point objectives. The key element in every backup strategy is the ability to restore all data and recover quickly.


  "Today, IT has to empower CIOs and IT managers, giving them the ability to cope with new compliance rules and IT governance".
Companies are struggling with growing data stores and the challenges associated with managing these large pools of data. The volume of data is currently increasing at almost 80 per cent per year and to keep up, IT needs to demonstrate a significant improvement in efficiency if it is to maintain service levels. With this volume of data, you need to ensure that you can exploit and mine this data efficiently for the information needed for your business planning and decision-making. Yet many organisations blindly add more storage as a solution for meeting the storage challenge; this merely adds more complexity to their IT infrastructure, resulting in increased management costs.

Prevailing over these challenges requires a logical and proactive data management strategy. From data creation to removal, businesses need to turn data into an asset. Data has to be aligned with organisational needs, then placed and managed in the infrastructure based on its business relevance. This allows information to be accessible and easily located and retrieved when it is needed, without loading and restoring tapes and other backup media that are not available instantly. As businesses struggle with expanding data stores, the need for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) journey and enablers mark the next phase in the evolution of storage systems and technology.

What is critical to your business is the ability to understand your data and turn it into valuable information so that you can make intelligent business decisions about quality of service (QoS) levels, as well as the placement and availability of that data.

WASLET expertise helps you to solve the key management challenges that your company may be facing, including cost of storage and storage management:

Continuity in maintaining long-term access to data
Changing storage needs
Controlling and managing increased data volume
Controlling storage costs
Compliance with legal requirements
Data Management
Retention Management
Information Leverage