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Since the time the company was first founded, back in 1947, WASLET has concentrated on providing its customers with innovative solutions that give them a competitive edge.

The approach we take today is the same as it has always been, with the same vision of a long-term relationship and strong added value focusing on IT solutions.

Whatever the customer’s current or future size, we committed to providing the best tailor-made solutions based on Best in Class vendor products and software.

We focus particularly on data, which is the most valuable asset of any company.
Our services are broken down into 3 special business units:

Network Infrastructure & Messaging
Server & Storage
Printing & Document Management

Our commitment is to continue investing in employee skills, as well as gaining expertise in all innovative future technologies that enable our customers to achieve genuine knowledge transfer.

For many of our customers, we have become much more than just a supplier or a problem-solver; we are their trusted advisers - a proud status gained after years of delivering real value.

We also have a crystal-clear vision of how the role of the IT Manager is evolving:
IT Managers are no longer just providers, buyers or problem-solvers. Their role is to develop the overall IT infrastructure of the company by providing the business with a direct service. They need to be capable of coming up with the concept and design of a service-oriented architecture, then deploying it in such a way that it evolves smoothly with the business. IT Managers rely on our consultants to present and evaluate all of the possible avenues for reaching their ultimate goal. This include being able to provide employees and customers with the right information (comply), aimed at the right people (security), at the right moment (access) for the right time (archive) and at the right cost (TCO). A demanding juggling act at which WASLET has become highly skilled.

The system integration delivered by WASLET is driven by this aim of allowing you to examine the very basics of your business: Where are you going? How will you generate revenue tomorrow? Which particular technology will impact your business most? Do you comply with the rules each time they change? As a result, whatever your corporate goals, you can be sure of one thing: WASLET will be there beside you!