Taking the plunge with Office 365


Is Office 365 right for your business? It’s a big question, and I’m very tempted to hold back the answer until the end of this feature, to keep you hanging on to see whether or not moving to Office 365 is a good idea. But I can’t do that – not all the way through this piece. Because the answer is a glaringly simple yes.


Now, before anyone from the Google camp becomes too het up at the thought of a war between Office 365 and Google’s G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work), I should add that I’m not actually bothered if you make a different choice. There are pros and cons to both, and PC Pro will look at G Suite in more detail next month. Office 365 is the one I chose, simply because its desktop applications are richer and more powerful. Despite all of the clever work that Google has done with Google Docs, the tools still aren’t as powerful as the Office equivalents. And, although I’ll be concentrating on Office 365, much of what I have to say applies equally to Google.     […]